I am a 4th year mathematics student at Imperial College London specialising in statistics, and am in the process of entering a PhD. I have strong interests in applied differential geometry, Bayesian statistics and extreme value theory. In particular, I like to spend my time thinking about its applications in environmental sciences and genetics. I am also currently working on Bayesian spatial extremes and crop modelling (cf my research page).

Furthermore, I am also co-organiser of the Imperial Mathematics Competition

Feel free to reach out to me at hbz15@ic.ac.uk.

My year abroad at EPFL

I hope this will be useful to anyone interested in doing a year abroad of studies. I am going to give a personal overview of my experiences and some (hopefully) useful advice! If you have any questions after reading this post, please feel free to reach out to me at... [Read More]

Talk maths

Let me begin my first post with a mathematical one. Having studied maths in Switzerland and taken a few courses in French there, here is a list of mathematical jargon in French. [Read More]